Moncton CS

Regular Guide

What is a Regular Level?

So you have been playing on Moncton CS for quite some time and cannot afford to donate but you still
want some level of protection from admin abuse and accidental TK.  At Moncton CS we value our
regulars highly and believe that we need to try our best to ensure they receive top level support from
our admins.  So we have created the (Reg) level on our server.

The (Reg) level is not really an admin level, however it grants the user protection from lower, less
experienced administrators as well as accidental team killings.  However we expect our regulars to
behave a notch above your average player in return for this special level.  With power comes
responsibility so we are not simply going to give this away without a little bit of training to ensure that
the regular knows exactly what to do with their extra abilities.

This is a guide to our regulars on how we expect anyone with an (Reg) tag to behave.

Standard Rules

The first and most obvious thing a regular must do is follow the rules as best they can.  If you break
the rules we will not hesitate to remove your regular status so please make sure you know the rules
well.  There are not too many so this should not be a problem.  If it is reported you stretch or twist the
rules in ways that were not intended we will also remove your special status.  Just follow the rules and
always take the side of caution if you are not sure.  If you need clarification just as an administrator and
they will do their best to help your understand.

Extra Rules

Since we expect you to stand a notch above the rest there are a few extra rules we want you to follow.
If you do not want to follow them than please do not apply to be a regular.


Please keep the complaining to an absolute minimum.  Constant complaining about players, servers,
rules, maps and other things such as that is a real drag.  People don't really care what you think and it
just makes you look petty.  As a regular we want you to try to keep complaints to a minimum unless
they truly are warranted such as complaining about an obvious cheater.  This will help keep people on
our server and keep the spam in the chat down.


Since you are immune to a TK punishment we expect you to be EXTRA careful on injuring your
teammates.  What ever you do NEVER purposely injure your teammate.  If we catch you doing this you
will be stripped of your (Reg) status and banned from the server for a period no less than 15 days.  So
please be careful.  If you do accidentally hurt or kill a teammate please apologize as quickly as you can
to avoid any problems.

Players who continue to TK players purposely will permanently loose their status and will be banned for 30 days.

Listening To Admins

While you may be immune to punishment by B, G, and A - do not think for one second you do not have
to listen to them.  We expect you to listen to all the administrators of all levels always unless you
feel the administrator is being extremely unreasonable.  They may not be able to punish you directly
but if we hear about a (Reg) level user refusing a reasonable administrator request you will be removed
from the server no less than 15 days and your regular status will be revoked.  If you feel an
administrator is not making a reasonable request, please leave the server and contact an UA, XA or
U level administrator right away.

Insults and Abuse

As a regular you are also expected to treat other players with a level of respect above that of an
average player.  You are now representing Moncton CS as an official status player and we want all our
players with a status to be a step above the average player.  This makes our server look good and
encourages people to behave themselves as well.  So please do not insult or attack other players.  If a
player is attacking you please talk to an administrator and ignore that player.  Let the administrator
handle it.  Please do not pick on players who may sound funny, do something stupid or may be new to
the game.  Just try to be respectful and honest.  This helps our server be a unique place to play.  A
place where players can come to be entertained - not insulted.

Regular - Not an Admin!

You are NOT an administrator - you are a player with some protection.  This means you have no right to
act as an administrator, pretend you are an administrator or tell another administrator how things should
be done.  Please remember that.  We do welcome your opinion on server changes and problems and we
encourage you to voice your opinion on such things.  But remember - when it comes to administrator
responsibilities please keep your nose out of it!

How to become a Reg Level player

If you are interested in becoming an Reg Level player, first and foremost you must play on our server.
We require at least 50 hours on game time on Moncton CS and a good standing with the administrators
and the players.  If any administrator objects you you receiving the (Reg) status you will not be added.
If 3 current (Reg) level players object to you being added as a Regular you will not be added either.
We only want well respected players as a regular member.

Your playing time is based on your Psychostats page.  To view it choose 'Psychostats' from the menu
and search for your name.  You will find it there.  We will NOT take into account multiple steam
accounts.  It needs to be ONE account with at least 50 hours of online time.  This requirement may be
waived if an UA, XA or U level admin thinks it is acceptable to do so.

Once you pass these requirements we require you to take a test and pass it with a minimum of 70%.
This is to ensure you have read this guide and know it well.  If you fail the test you will not be allowed
to take it again for a minimum of 14 days.  You can access the test using the link below.  Please make
sure you read the intro to the test BEFORE you start.


*Warning* This is a privilege, if you use it to do bad things, break the rules outline in the guide or let
someone else use your account when you have this status, it will be removed. Also, If you fail the test twice,
any future attempts will be ignored.

Click Here to do to the account manager

If you pass the test it will automatically be submitted to unknown to check over.  If he feels you pass
all the requirements you will be added to our Regulars list.

So if you are interested in this level please go ahead and try the test.  We wish the best of luck to