Moncton CS

Official Moncton CS Global Offensive Server!

Hey guys!

Announcing the launch of the Moncton CS Global Offensive Server!

The ip is

Currently the server is configured on Classic Competitive. Other than that its running on a stock config until we can get some time into it.


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Server Rules

-Absolutely No Hacking
-Absolutely No Racism/Racial Slurs/Discrimination
-No Scripts
-No Accusing/Whining/Complaining
-Absolutely No Advertising/Recruiting
-No Chat/Mic/Music/Radio Command Spamming
-No Player Ghosting/Vent Ghosting
-No Map Glitching/Illegal Boosting
-No Camping/Spawn Camping
-No Foreign Languages
-Respect All Players/REGs/Admins


Server IP