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Hey guys,

As some of you has noticed, I've integrated IRC into the server. The channels are:

#monctoncs <- Admin/Player hangout. Here you guys can let us know about stuff or just talk.
#monctoncslogs <- This channel outputs everything in the server chat. Whatever you type here will show up in the server too for everyone to see. This will allow us to monitor the server without us actually being in there. This is specially helpful for players being racist, etc. Again, you can also alert admins if there is something going on because if we are near by and we see something here, we will respond.

IRC rooms are ran through

I hope this brings the community closer and that it helps to make things run smoother.

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Server Rules

-Absolutely No Hacking
-Absolutely No Racism/Racial Slurs/Discrimination
-No Scripts
-No Accusing/Whining/Complaining
-Absolutely No Advertising/Recruiting
-No Chat/Mic/Music/Radio Command Spamming
-No Player Ghosting/Vent Ghosting
-No Map Glitching/Illegal Boosting
-No Camping/Spawn Camping
-No Foreign Languages
-Respect All Players/REGs/Admins


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