Moncton CS

Server Status/New IP

Hey guys,

If you're wondering what happened to the server, we upgraded our host last night. The connection now has a bigger capacity and a higher speed. That should translate to a 10-20 ms ping  drop for most of you. With this change, there was also something that had to be changed as well. We now have a new IP:

Please update your bookmarks!

Happy fragging.


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Server Rules

-Absolutely No Hacking
-Absolutely No Racism/Racial Slurs/Discrimination
-No Scripts
-No Accusing/Whining/Complaining
-Absolutely No Advertising/Recruiting
-No Chat/Mic/Music/Radio Command Spamming
-No Player Ghosting/Vent Ghosting
-No Map Glitching/Illegal Boosting
-No Camping/Spawn Camping
-No Foreign Languages
-Respect All Players/REGs/Admins


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