Moncton CS

New Admin & Reg Control System

Every time you log onto the server and spawn on a team there will be information that appears on your screen. It should show 50 credits and a link/password which contains 6 digit numbers, for example: 763740.

Make sure you copy this down because you will need that plus your Steam ID and email for paypal to register your account into the new system.

Here's the website to register. You must be logged onto first in order to be able to see the registration website. is the registration website.

There are monthly payments that have to be made for certain status' such as Heart Breaker, Basic Admin, General Admin, Advanced Admin, Ultimate Admin and Xtreme Admin.

Regular Status is free but donations to the server are still encouraged (if you can).

Here is a list of the costs and hours needed for each status:

Regular (R): Free, 50hrs needed.

Heart Breaker (</3) $2.50/month, 100hrs needed, 25hrs wait between receiving Regular status.

Basic Admin (B): $3/month, 200hrs needed, 75hrs wait between receiving Heartbreaker status.

General Admin (G): $4/month, 300hrs needed, 100hrs wait between receiving Basic Admin status.

Advanced Admin (A): $5/month, 450hrs needed, 150hrs wait between receiving General Admin Status.

Ultimate Admin (UA): $7.50/month, 550hrs needed, 150hrs wait between receiving Advanced Admin Status.

Xtreme Admin (XA) or (custom tag): $10/month, 675hrs needed, 100hrs wait between receiving Ultimate Admin Status.

What I mean about the wait time is you can't go from one status that you just received to another within a day, you need to wait a certain amount of hours called "admin hours" before you can upgrade. If you haven't upgraded to anything yet and your have more then enough hours for the next available upgrade for you then you don't have to wait to get the upgrade, you can just apply and take the test for it without having to worry about the admin hours.

There are tests for each status and you must pass with a certain percentage to be able to get the status. Advanced, Ultimate and Xtreme Admin status needs to be approved by unknown before you can be upgraded. If you fail a test you must wait 14 days until you can retake it. Everything else is automatic.

Perks will be added to Heart Breaker status but unknown hasnt finalized what those will be yet. (Current perks are: One time Money Up; Weapon up and a change to  buy a bazooka. Changes will come to this.)

You can upload maps into the server instead of asking unknown to upload the maps. (To Be Added Soon.)

Depending on how many hours you already have on the server you can claim them to get more credits. Credits are what the new system uses instead of money. So for example, each dollar that is sent to the paypal gets converted into 10 credits. ($1=10 credits) As stated before you get 50 free credits just for registering.

**For current Regulars and Heart breakers, just resign up in the new system and everything will be ok.
**For current Admins, please resign up to the new system and I will need to make adjustments per admin basis. Please drop me a message.


**Originally written by Rolla**


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Server Rules

-Absolutely No Hacking
-Absolutely No Racism/Racial Slurs/Discrimination
-No Scripts
-No Accusing/Whining/Complaining
-Absolutely No Advertising/Recruiting
-No Chat/Mic/Music/Radio Command Spamming
-No Player Ghosting/Vent Ghosting
-No Map Glitching/Illegal Boosting
-No Camping/Spawn Camping
-No Foreign Languages
-Respect All Players/REGs/Admins


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