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Hey guys,

Today is the day that I unveil Moncton CS's Perk Store. Like the perks from roll the dice? Here is your chance to be able to use your credits to purchase the use of some of these perks when ever you want.

Here are the commands to use this system:

buyperksmenu <- Brings up the buy menu for easy access.
/perkstore <- Brings up the help menu.

buyhealth <- Gives 150HP for 1 credit.
buymoney <- Gives $16000 for 1 credit.
buybazooka <- Gives bazooka for 5 credits
buyinvis <- Gives invis for 3 credits.
buyinvispack <- Gives invis + 150HP for 4 credits.
buyinvissuperpack <- Gives invis + 150HP + Unlimited Ammo for 5 credits.
buynoclip <- Gives noclip for 3 credits.
buysupernoclip <- Gives noclip + invis for 5 credits.
buyunlimitedammo <- Gives unlimited ammo for 3 credits.

The limitations are:
-You can only purchase items after 3 rounds have passed.
-You are limited to 3 items per map but you are not limited what items you can buy.

The goal of this is to encourage people to donate to the server to help keep it going.

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Server Rules

-Absolutely No Hacking
-Absolutely No Racism/Racial Slurs/Discrimination
-No Scripts
-No Accusing/Whining/Complaining
-Absolutely No Advertising/Recruiting
-No Chat/Mic/Music/Radio Command Spamming
-No Player Ghosting/Vent Ghosting
-No Map Glitching/Illegal Boosting
-No Camping/Spawn Camping
-No Foreign Languages
-Respect All Players/REGs/Admins


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